Emperor Joe: Unite & Comply

Joe Biden’s call for unity while at the same time signing dozens and dozens of executive orders regardless of how those orders affect American citizens is not going over very well. He and those standing at his back saying “sign it anyways” when Joe doesn’t know what he’s signing, want people to bow and conform to their will. See video at bottom.

Tax payer paid for GLOBAL abortions.

But according to public-opinion polls, most Americans don’t want the U.S. to fund abortions in other countries. A new poll out yesterday from Marist and the Knights of Columbus found that more than three-quarters of Americans oppose using U.S. aid money to fund abortions overseas. The same survey shows that voters in Biden’s own party disagree with him on this issue: A slight majority of Democrats said they do not want the U.S. funding global abortions, and nearly two-thirds of self-described pro-choice Americans agreed. Eighty-five percent of independent voters, meanwhile, said they oppose U.S. funding of overseas abortions.

Abortion abroad.

Among its other demands, the abortion lobby expects Biden to work to codify in the Constitution the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, which created a right to abortion, in order to block states from passing pro-life laws that, pro-abortion activists claim, “violate” the ruling.

What else?

Joe of course loves the Iran deal and World Health Organization so we’ll be getting back in there for sure. Awesome!

But he apparently hates women and proved it by destroyed their chances in sports by allowing natural born boys to compete with girls, affecting them in junior high, high school, and college for years to come. And we won’t even mention the Olympics! Men will dominate women’s sports.

Who do you think benefits from Joe destroying American energy?

And who benefits from Joe opening our borders and letting lose illegal aliens into our country?

In the mean time, Joe says nothing about stopping an impeachment against a private citizen and doesn’t appear to mind that a witch hunt is underway against the entire Trump family, businesses, and eventually all Trump supporters. Including the average voter.

How does Joe feel about the fact publishing houses are refusing to publish works of conservatives? Does he think it’s okay that Trump is still shut down by social media so that he cannot communicate with anyone? Is Joe okay with the fact banks and credit card companies are debating whether or not they will do business with Trump, his family, and possibly the average American conservative?

At what point to we declare there is an emergency; a crisis?
At what point do we say enough is enough?

How long do we let the Democrats spread lies and fear within the hearts of their OWN voter base while creating anger and more division within the hearts of others.


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