Joe Biden Plans to Amplify the Chaos

Why is Jen Psaki concerned about this line of questioning? She was asked if the Biden administration plans to add more security to the border where kids are being dropped from the wall to the ground and then left there alone. She literally asked if he’s upset that kids are getting in to the country rather than fearing for their safety.

She’s the extension of the evil of the Biden/Harris presidency. Watch as she asks him to clarify why he’s asking this question as if to trap him into saying it’s all about keeping people out rather than keeping people safe. Then she rambles on and on about how the border patrol was able to save the kids and blah, blah, blah but never actually answers whether or not they plan to send more help.

I guess my question is how many National Guard are still walking aimlessly around the Capitol Building when they could be perhaps… I don’t know… at the border? None of this should be happening at all but since it already is… why not send help!?!

But Mr. Joe ‘I’m going to destroy this country as quickly and as completely as possible‘ Biden doesn’t want to fix the problem. He wants to amplify it, exaggerate it, and take us into a chaos.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s gives a callous and empty response to the horrors happening at the border.

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