Nancy Pelosi Makes Huge Accusation

During a press conference today with Nancy Pelosi, she was asked about security.  

Her answer was that they need supplemental security when the enemy is within the House of Representatives.

Follow up question? Yes, she was asked what she means by the enemy is within

Her answer was that there have been members of Congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of congress.

Follow up Question? No.

So, she literally said members have threatened violence on other members and not one reporter in the room asked her WHO has threatened another member and what has been done about it? They simply accepted what she said as fact and that was that.

This means that Nancy got away with accusing one or more house members of threatening violence on one or more other members without proof, without additional information, with nothing but cameras clicking and wide eyes.

Gingrich: Pelosi Most Dangerous Speaker in US History

UPDATE: 1/30/21

The video below popped up today which is a conversation between Tulsi and Laura about the exact same thing I am saying. Nancy Pelosi made an outrageous accusation without anyone asking for more information and without proof of such a threat. If this threat is real, the authorities need to be brought in and the American people informed. Otherwise…


I agree with what is said at the 3.20 mark of the video. This does look like they are setting the stage for future restrictions and actions against the American public and against their colleagues that are NOT Democrat or NOT fully on board with the changes they want to make to the country and the US Constitution.

The statement made by AOC recently when she accused Ted Cruz of trying to have her killed is another example of their attempt to make it appear they are in danger of Republicans. The election of Joe Biden was a coup disguised as an election and now they are attempting to lock down the government with WALLS, restrictions, and accusations without merit.

What is the worry? Future encroachment on civil liberties and a Banana Republic.

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