Alexandria Post – Women Athletes Should Boycott

Women athletes are being told to ‘shut up and take it like a man’ while the real men turn themselves into women so they can finally win a blue ribbon. It is disgusting what the elite are managing to do to the normal, everyday person in civilized society. Not just the United States; it’s spreading like wildfire across the surface of the planet and it will be our undoing.

Naturally Born Female Athletes Should Boycott the Olympics

Transgenderism is bringing about the fall back to women’s place in society while men once again take center stage and tossing the girls aside. Women won the right to be equal to men and now men are crying like infants wanting to be female and lowering women them in the process. It is an insult to women everywhere that men once again get to say, ‘look at me, look at me’.

It is an assault and honestly, yet another way for the elite to keep everyone divided.

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