Bill Gates Hypocrisy

It’s okay when Bill does it!!
See video below

The environment means everything to Bill Gates and he has therefore earned the title of Climate Czar. He wants to transform everything we do by using restrictions and regulations that do not apply to… you guessed it… Bill.

He gets to do anything he wants.

He owns a Porsche 959 and a BMW and a Mercedes and others which leave lovely carbon footprints. One of his 4 jets consumes over 400 gallons of fuel every hour and he especially likes to fly to climate conferences using climate-friendly bio-fuel; which is not really all that climate-friendly.

He is literally one of the TOP carbon foot printers.

Bill lives in a huge… HUGE… mansion that’s over 6,000 square feet and has a huge… HUGE… heated swimming pool and even imports sand from the Caribbean. How is that even a thing?

But it’s okay when Bill does it!

Per Bill, we need to eat synthetic meat because cow farts are bad for the planet even though Bill Gates now owns more farm land in America than anyone else. And he plants soy beans and corn which is fed to… animals… which we then eat.

Oh, actually, sorry.. no. It’s not for us to eat; he wants to send the real meat to other countries while Americans eat the synthetic crap.

He also advocated for lock downs, lock downs, lock downs while he increased his personal wealth by $20 billion. He’s not the only one… several corporations dramatically increased their wealth while small businesses closed and may never open again.

As Paul Joseph Watson says… it’s okay when Bill does it!

By the way, I am all for people earning as much money as they can and using that money as they see fit. What I am not okay with, is people like Bill Gates and other pretenders telling us what we can and cannot do when they themselves do whatever the hell they want.

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