Biden Remains Locked Away aka Controlled

If Trump had not addressed the nation in over 7 weeks of taking office, it would be on every news station across the nation. Never mind the outrageous things Biden has done since taking over, which is beyond belief, the man has not said boo to the citizens of the country he supposedly leads.

White House remains mum on Biden’s first address to Congress

The White House on Friday walked back a projected timeline for President Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress and now says it has no date in mind for the annual event.

Press secretary Jen Psaki insisted the delay is not a snub from Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill.

“We don’t have a date for that or timeline at this point in time,” she said. “We’ve been engaged closely with leaders in Congress about determining that.”

The words coming out of Psaki’s mouth are meaningless.

Today she literally stated that Trump and his administration did nothing regarding the Covid-19 vaccine and nothing to help alleviate the issues surrounding the disease. All she could say was that millions died under his leadership.

And yet, the Biden administration is allowing illegals to cross the border and wander around after being tested positive for the disease which she claims was made worse by Trump.

If there is a surge again, it will be the fault of Biden and those telling him what to do… err… I mean those he’s telling what to do.

So when will we get to hear the GOOD NEWS from Biden?

Psaki indicated Monday that Biden’s speech, expected to outline his legislative agenda and address the COVID-19 pandemic, wouldn’t be scheduled “until after we get the American Rescue Plan passed.”

“And we’re certainly hopeful that we do that in the coming weeks,” she said.

The remarks are typically called the State of the Union, but they are referred to as an address to a joint session of Congress when they’re delivered in a president’s first year in office.

Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus spending package passed the House in the early hours of last Saturday. The Senate is expected to clear an amended measure this weekend before the bill returns to the House for a final vote. It then would be sent to Biden’s desk for his signature.

There is no doubt that Biden is not in control of the situation. He’s allowing himself to be lead down a path of being called the Ex-President kicked out by his own party because they don’t trust or like him. They want Harris so bad you can see the drool falling from their mouths.

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