Black Widow Failure = Disney Lawsuits

Actors are suing Disney and that makes me laugh! Ha!

The movie industry has ruined movies and actors believe we need them or look up to them. Perhaps decades ago when movies were made for the REAL MAN & WOMAN. Today movies are made for the benefit of actors, directors, producers, and companies like Disney.

In other words, none of it is actually created for the fans, which explains the low ratings of award shows. Why watch that crap if you don’t care to watch the movies.

Here is my comment on the video below…

Black Widow should have been an awesome movie but Hollywood doesn’t know how to make a great movie anymore because they’ve lost sight of what that even means. To them, it’s their way of forcing whatever hot agenda they have this year onto the public and they mistakenly think we will love it. They literally think we worship them and have forgotten that THEY ARE NOT ESSENTIAL!

It’s all a game to them. They make movies to impress others in the industry and pat each other on the back about how awesome they are based on the message of their dumb ass movie.

It’s a wonder any of them can act like a real person. Quite honestly, they really don’t anymore.

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