The Dangers of Tik Tok

After watching the video below, I had to make a comment about how there is an agenda to make kids today into the zombies of tomorrow.

My comment…

The agenda is to make the community a large percentage of society because they know they are a very small percentage at the moment. If they can convince kids that they are gay or lesbian or bisexual or any other numerous things they are now creating, then they can say their community is the ‘new normal’ for society. Notice how they say ‘you can be anything you want’ so kids feel SPECIAL while also turning them into sheep who will ultimately all be the same… easily manipulated, easily taken advantage of, easy to be into their beds, easy to give up all they have, and easy to fall into the category of mentally ill. The agenda is enormous!

They are bombarding kids with this message over and over again. They are trying to normalize something inside the minds of children who aren’t even thinking about these any of it.

Why does a nine-year-old child need to identify as anything?

They don’t! Children should be left alone to be children.

Schools and government and activists want them to conform to their idea of what people should be like. If adults are running around acting like children while also forcing children to act like adults in a sexual way, then we will definitely become a mentally ill society.

What does a mentally ill society do? Whatever the hell the society wants them to do.

Who runs the society if all the people are mentally ill? The government!

Who will people vote for to run the government? The politicians who confirm that the person in question is mentally ill and therefore needs the government’s help and… by the way… here’s $1,000 to pay for your prescriptions.

It is and always has been about power and money. Greed in the worst possible way.

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