Judge Jeanine Vs. Joy Behar

Judge Jeanine tells Joy Behar to get off her ass and do something rather than yapping her jaw with her friends sitting on stage and claiming Jeanine said something but doesn’t bother to actually look into the bigger meaning of that statement.

Children flooding the American southern border are being turned into slaves by the cartels who abuse them and keep them under their thumbs even after inside the United States. As Jeanine states, it is her opinion that these children are being placed in horrible and deadly circumstances that are forcing them to be a lower level of human.

Joy believes these kids will be in heaven once allowed into the United States where they can escape drugs and violence. Jeanine explains that they won’t escape it just because they cross our border. This seems like a complete no-brainer to me and I’m baffled why Joy doesn’t know this already. If the cartels are bringing them here, they certainly won’t let them off the hook that easily. They will blackmail and threaten them for months, years, decades to come.

Here’s another no-bainer; Joy is an ignorant moron.

It is my opinion that the Democrat party and those that support it have given the cartels and coyotes a siren’s call thus beginning the flood of trafficking, slavery, abuse, and drug distribution we can’t imagine.

The moral of the story, as Jeanine explains to Joy, if you’re going to call someone out, you damn well better know what the hell you’re talking about and be willing to do something rather than sitting around whining.

I like Judge Jeanine more and more!

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2 Responses to Judge Jeanine Vs. Joy Behar

  1. Michelle says:

    Remember when President Trump spoke about the coyotes taking children? The democrats made fun of President Trump claiming coyotes don’t run around with children; democrats weren’t familiar with the term coyote. They thought it was a wild animal, so it was ironic that they claimed President Trump was stupid. In their rush to disrespect our President they exposed their ignorance once again.

    • Just Jill says:

      That’s right! They made fun of Trump talking about coyotes as if he meant the actual animal. Turn it around and it’s all serious.

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