Jordan Peterson and His Devilishly New Persona

Did you hear about Jordan Peterson becoming the supervillain Red Skull? He was as surprised as you are. As a matter of fact, he was rather upset; that is until a few of his supporters gave him a little boost.

From PJ Media by Tyler O’Neil

Marvel fans are well-familiar with Captain America’s nemesis, Red Skull, a man too evil for Adolf Hitler. Seriously, Red Skull sets up the evil organization Hydra to go where Hitler would not, and only Captain America can stop him. In the latest version of the comics, written by none other than Ta-Nehisi Coates, Red Skull draws inspiration from none other than Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson.

If you know anything about the character called Red Skull, you know the comparison of Jordan Peterson to him was meant to be a great insult. Not only that, but a completely bizarre comparison considering the type of man Jordan is.

So, the reference in the above picture of the ‘Ten Rules of Life’ and ‘Chaos & Order’ refers to Jordan’s book called the 12 Rules for Life; An Antidote to Chaos. That sounds legit!

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A few additional Jordan Skull memes to make your day…

Regarding the photo below, I did not really know the reference to Jordan Peterson and lobsters but you can read more about his philosophy here.

The lobster is the animal Peterson often uses to discuss how hierarchies develop within species. Humans and lobsters have a brain chemical, serotonin, in common. He explains how levels of this chemical rise in lobsters as they become more prominent within their communities and influence their physical postures.

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