The CDC Steps on the Supreme Court’s Toes

This might seem like a no-brainer, but the CDC is not supposed to make our laws!

Rochelle Walensky, who was appointed by Biden to run the CDC in Atlanta, announced she is nationalizing the nation’s rental properties and tenants are no longer required to pay their rent and landlords cannot evict for any reason.

Obviously the landlord/property owners of the rentals will fight back!

They will still need to pay their mortgages to the bank which means they will be the ultimate sufferers of all the chaos. And most of them represent the middle class.

Does this mean we no longer own our homes and have no rights to them? Think about that for a minute.

If the government can come in and say landlords cannot collect rent from people contracted to use and pay for the property, what’s to say they can’t do the same to a homeowner if they deem an emergency requires it?

This is 100% illegal and the supreme court stated that the CDC does not have the right to issue this, but the CDC and the Biden administration has completely ignored what the court said, thus eliminating the power of the supreme court.

Biden himself admitted that the constitutional scholars said this is not constitutional. The democrats and the Biden Administration have made it clear that dictatorship is their method of governing.

Thus, the eviction moratorium is illegal and the criminals (government officials) are pushing this while stating that the law is irrelevant because they want to do what they want to do under the disguise of helping people.

They will not help anyone… the property owners will lose their homes, the renters will be kicked out anyway, and the banks will take over the properties.

The banks will then sell to new buyers who will rent out the properties at a much higher rate because the market will dictate it.

The banks could ultimately sell to the government who will rent back to individuals they claim need their help (aka the people they are targeting).

It’s painfully obvious.

They plan to keep the poor as poor as possible and knock the middle class down a few notches to their ‘rightful place’ in society. It’s disgusting!

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2 Responses to The CDC Steps on the Supreme Court’s Toes

  1. Michael says:

    Well at the risk of sounding like a paranoid conspiracy theorists, if the landlords can’t pay the rent and the banks take over the properties somebody will need to buy the property from the banks. There’s an investment group out there called black rock with $7 trillion under management. Word is they’re buying up properties left and right and have been for about the last year and a half. Question is why?

    And is this in anyway connected?

    • Just Jill says:

      Under other circumstances it might be considered paranoia but there are too many things that have happened in too many different aspects of human life for it to be paranoia. Of course, the government officials will take full advantage of all that has happened if they aren’t the ones who created it.

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