Biden’s Gun Grab

It is American’s right to own guns – the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

“It’s not only no… it’s hell no!”

Judge Jeanine: Biden’s gun grab

Feb. 28, 2021 – 5:19 – ‘You leftists don’t have a clue on how to stop gun crime. How about you start going after those who illegally possess guns’ – Judge Jeanine Pirro

The Left blames law abiding citizens for any gun killings they can while conveniently ignoring what happened throughout 2020 when criminals were using guns to forcibly take over cities, were shooting innocent bystanders, burning businesses, and breaking several other laws. Those criminal events were deemed justified and even encouraged by the Democrat politicians while the media shrugged them off as peaceful.

Joe Biden said he supported the 2nd amendment during his campaign but just like a true politician… well… seems he has flip-flopped. In reality he was spending those months lying to the public. Funny how we already knew he was lying.

They want to take away all of the guns sitting in the hands of Americans; every last gun, every last citizen (unless you are a criminal or fighting against conservatives).

Is it okay to do this…

“It’s not only no… it’s hell no!”

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