Democrats Encourage Fear and Radicalization

I’ve been thinking about this for some time. We have become a very political nation to the point that most young people have some sort of opinion about politics. That is not normal.

Democrats have reached down into the hearts of the youngest people in order to begin their training and eventual loyalty to their party. The more they tell them how bad and evil they are and how awful their parents are, the more voters they can indoctrinate for the future.

The government shut down the country for most of 2020 making sure children could not go to school, could not see their friends, had to spend hours and hours online for schooling and thus on social media. This has caused an enormous amount of mental health issues, suicides, and a desperate desire for answers.

The Democrats stand with their arms open to embrace the problem they caused while also decrying that going back to school is white supremacy.

Fear is being pushed on everyone with lies told at press meetings and on social media. The Democrats lash out at the Republicans in Congress and make unproven accusations that are then reported as fact by the media.

In the meantime, people like John Brennan are saying that millions of Americans are domestic violence extremist and should be ‘gone after’.

…the threat from domestic violence extremists is much more challenging than it was in terms of going after foreign terrorists. The domestic violence extremists are more pervasive, their numbers are much larger.

… they have the wherewithal; they already have the weapons that if they so choose to use them they can in fact carry out these deadly attacks.

News channels such as CNN are saying that the domestic terrorist threat is compared to international terrorism; that American citizens are more dangerous than foreign terrorists. Pushing fear into the minds of anyone watching their channel.

When the media makes these statements, they are saying that millions of Americans are terrorists and sadly there are millions of others who believe them. It causes people to question the person standing next to them at the grocery store.

It makes Democrat voters afraid of Republican voters insuring they won’t come together and have real conversations. It makes Republican voters leery that Democrat voters are going to strike first because they are paranoid and believe lies told to them by politicians. They want us divided!

The Democrats are trying to take over the country and tell us what we can and cannot do even more than the law already dictates. And not just Democrats; there are some Republicans on board with this insanity.

Just look at the now permanent barbed wire steel fence around the US Capitol keeping the public out of the people’s house with thousands of armed soldiers on guard.

All to protect the people inside.

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