Biden Crams Kids Together During a Pandemic

During Joe Biden’s first press conference since taking office (over 60 days late), he said that he will be transparent regarding the way illegals are being treated once he’s in a position to do so. At the time of writing this piece, over 16,000 minors have crossed over and they are being kept in locations not able to deal with the massive numbers. This number does not include the thousands upon thousands of illegals crossing the border and freed into the interior. These are unaccompanied minors.

Today I was listening to a local radio talk show host who was questioning what we should do about the illegal minors crossing our southern border. His discussion point was the morality of what to do while chastising those who want to just “send them back to where they came from” when we don’t necessarily know where that is.

There were many who called and said just exactly what he indicated. One person pointed out that we are not taking care of our own homeless children living on the streets. Another called up and went on a tirade that we should send them all back no matter what the situation and that it should not be our problem. The radio host hung up on that guy.

Now this radio host is not one I always agree with nor one that I go to when I’m desperate for information. I just happened to be in the car at the moment his show was on and he happened to be speaking about an interesting subject.

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to call but had things I would have liked to say.

First of all, America is the greatest country on the planet. A place in abundance even for those who have very little when compared to other countries. For the most part, Americans have what they need and often have way more than necessary to survive. We are spoiled, myself included, and many of us don’t even realize it.

Due to this comfort and security, we consider those under the age of 18 to be children (minors). Medicaid programs consider those under 21 to be children and some government officials would like to argue that people even up to 26 should be considered children, staying on their parent’s insurance plans. We can contemplate for hours the exact purpose of why a government would want people to be treated as children for as long as possible, but that is for another time. Lets just say that the longer they can keep people in an infant and dependent state of mind, the more they can bribe and control them.

One thing Americans can’t seem to grasp is the fact other countries do not consider 18-year-olds to be children. Often, when a child hits 14 years old, they are not a child anymore. They are an adult! They are working a job to help support their family. They may even have been tossed out of their parent’s home to support their own newly created family since so many will begin to father kids. Girls are often promised to a new husband long before we would allow such a thing in the United States.

When they show videos of children in these holding stations, we see small children but we also see much older teens. These teens, as we call them, are often considered adults in their own countries. Why are so many teens being sent here by their parents (presumably)?

There are a few thoughts here. These teens may be sent here by their parents to work and send money back home. They may have left on their own and are trying to get to family or friends they know here. They could be coming up to join gangs associated with their current gang in their originating country in order to make money, but ultimately commit crime.

When I hear people say they are just children, I want to ask for a definition of the word. Do they mean of a certain age or some other criteria? It is hard to define if you go beyond a person’s age and into each individual’s maturity. One boy could be very mature at the age of 14 and already involved with the wrong people or even harming others as they go along. Another of that same age may be completely innocent of any wrong doing. How do you judge?

Here’s the thing; this run for the border, this flood of human bodies rushing to get in was by design. They advertised on social media, they promised safe passage, they took the money out of the hands of those who were desperate, or they simply kidnapped kids to get them to those who are paying for them. Many are being raped along the way; women and children being the most prevalent victim.

What is Biden and Harris doing? Well, Biden assigned the problem to Harris and Harris literally laughed in an interview when asked when she was going to the border to deal with the crisis. All the while, both of them are claiming it’s not a big deal and that it was already like this before they took over.

Many Republican senators went to the border this week and witnessed first hand the chaos and horror of the facilities there that the Biden administration will not let reporters see. The crisis is far greater than the 2019 problem, something the Trump administration fixed and something that has now returned because Biden tore up the contract between the US and Mexico. That contract allowed people to stay in Mexico while waiting for asylum here.

One of the biggest campaign promises of Donald Trump was immigration, a border wall, and the forging of a better relationship with Mexico. He did as much as he could in four years, which was more than any president before him. All it took to destroy it was the swipe of a pen. Millions upon millions of Americans wanted the border secure and millions are now watching as Biden destroys our country.

A secure border makes for a secure nation. A secure nation is able to help more people in more ways and more often. All of these children who are being put in cages (and yes, that is what they are doing) are sleeping inches apart, crammed together with no understanding of why it’s happening or what will happen to them. They are scared and they are being used by the cartels, by the coyotes, by the criminals waiting for them, and by the Democrats.

That’s right, Democrats are leading this gang of criminals who herd children and take advantage of those in desperate need. They should all be fed to the wolves.

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