It’s hard to express the intelligence I came up against every time I had a question about technology. Answers would come my way and I would be floored and impressed. Often, I had to answer emails back and say “uh… so… I’m going to need that in layman’s terms, please”.

If he ever thought I was a bit uneducated or not very smart, he never let on. Granted, I don’t believe I am dumb, definitely not, but sometimes his vocabulary was beyond impressive.

Today I am sad at the passing of an internet friend with some of the same beliefs and objectives that I happen to have. It was a shocking realization but I knew something was not quite right when his website went silent and the email answer did not come.

Alas, too many are dying. Or perhaps I’m just getting older and knowing more people. In the last two years, there have been many and not for the reason everyone assumes. It makes me feel empty and, although I am not alone, it makes me feel lonely.

We all know we must die but I have a hunch it’s still surprising to us when it happens.

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