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The following articles came to me via email and through other sources. Below is a listing of those links along with a brief clip from the articles. Check them out!

Articles: Biden finds way to force vaccines, Olympics & Transgender, Masking children, and the un-vaccinated are not all Trump supporters.

Redstate: Psaki Admits They Have Guidelines They’ve Given to Private Businesses to ‘Police’ Proof of Vaccination

Here it is… the Biden Administration says they won’t issue a national mandatory vaccine requirement but pushes businesses to do it instead. Their plan is to reward those who do it and penalize those that don’t. In the meantime, let the free flowing illegals spread the virus throughout the country to make it seem even worse.

So no, we’re not instituting a national mandatory vaccine passport. We’re just encouraging businesses to do it and telling them how we think it should be done. But we’re not really doing it. Meanwhile, as they try to slip this stuff past us and claim that restrictions are for our “own good,” illegal aliens from all over the world are pouring through the Southern border at a record pace, increasing each month that Biden has been in office, and Psaki also had to admit that some of those folks are positive for the Wuhan coronavirus

Daily Wire: Olympic Committee Rewriting Rules on Transgender Athletes After Lauren Hubbard Becomes First Trans Competitor

Here’s an idea… don’t let biological men compete against biological women.

Two scientists consulting with the IOC say the 10 nanomole threshold is too high and should be cut by half. Experts also say the standard should be different depending on the sport the trans competitor is playing.

New York Post: Masking kids, and closing schools is irrational, unscientific, & child abuse

Children do not need to be masked! All it does is create a generation of future adults afraid to go outside without a Linus blanket or someone to babysit them. They will be paranoid and frightened all the time but, more importantly, easily manipulated by the government.

We need to internalize this and stop listening to unhinged bureaucrats and journalists who frame children as little disease vectors. They aren’t. There’s a reason much of Europe didn’t mask kids under age 12 at all. It isn’t that they care about their kids less than we do, here in a country that starts masking at the insane age of 2. In fact, it shows Europeans care about their kids’ development so much they won’t force them to play bit parts in a grand psychodrama.

National Review: The New York times admits that the unvaccinated are not all Trump supporters

Here’s the thing, people make their own choices and the government doesn’t like that. They want to make all of our choices for us and the lie that only Trump supporters don’t want to be vaccinated or that only Biden supporters DO want to be vaccinated it yet another way for them to divide the masses and keep the lies and truths mingled in a mass of hysteria.

One thing that is quite clear from nearly all reporting on this topic is that a significant reason cited for hesitation is that the FDA has granted only emergency-use authorization and not formal approval to the vaccines. In a sense, this is irrational; we have already used the vaccines on 164 million Americans, many multiples of the number of subjects typically used to study drugs in FDA trials. Never in human history have so many people in the world been given the same medications in such a short span of time. While it is impossible to study every possible long-term effect, FDA trials typically cannot do that, either. A full green light from the FDA is probably one of the few public steps that could make a dent in public opinion.

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