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The following articles came to me via email and through other sources. Below is a listing of those links along with a brief clip from the articles. Check them out!

Articles: Biden & Baldwin praise Cuomo; Taliban kidnap women once liberated; July saw the most border crossings in 21 years

Daily Wire: Actor Alec Baldwin called the resignation “tragic” and blamed “cancel culture”.

Leave it to Biden and people like Alec Baldwin to say Cuomo’s resignation is a shame. And it’s unbelievable that Baldwin would have the nerve to bring up Cancel Culture. Ha! Whatever.

From Byron York: Forgetting the Covid experience: President Biden praises Andrew Cuomo’s job performance, as opposed to his personal behavior: ‘He’s done a hell of a job. He’s done a hell of a job…that’s why it’s so sad’ (Twitter).

Bloomberg: Women Taken by Taliban Fighters as Afghanistan Melts Down

A generation of Afghan women who have taken their place in society are now watching that space shrink before their eyes. They entered public life as lawmakers, local governors, doctors, lawyer, teachers and public administrators, working for two decades to help create a civil society and generate opportunities for those who come after them. Now the Taliban are going door-to-door in some areas, compiling lists of women and girls aged between 12 and 45 years for their fighters to forcibly marry. Women are again being told they cannot leave the house without a male escort, they cannot work, study or dress as they please. Schools and colleges are being shut and businesses destroyed. The exodus of those who can afford to flee the country is growing by the day

Washington Examiner: Authorities encountered 213,000 people illegally crossing border in July, most in 21 years

Approximately 212,672 people were encountered trying to cross the southern border illegally in July, the most seen in more than 21 years and nearly three times as many as in January, when President Joe Biden took office, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Thursday.

“We are encountering an unprecedented number of migrants in between the ports of entry at our southern border,” Mayorkas said during a press conference in Brownsville, Texas, before downplaying the continued rise each month. “We have seen the surges in migration before. We’ve seen them in the past, and migration surges are not new.”

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