Unmask the Children

There is no reason our children should be wearing masks. Decades from now many of them will have mental health issues caused by these unscientific regulations. Wearing a mask restricts our freedom of expression and it’s all due to the ridiculous governmental grip on our society.

Question for you based on the above paragraph. What country am I talking about?

At this point, you can insert just about any country’s name and be correct. Governments around the globe are grabbing power over their citizens in a frenzied free-for-all. Imagine every government leader masturbating together in a 20 x 20 room as they watch their bought and paid for media-orgy frothing at the mouth over the joy of the end of the civilized world.

That is how gross 2020 was and how gross the world still is.

Their best hope is to keep the masks on kids until they are adults who will in turn make their kids wear masks. No expressions, no freedoms, and all living in fear of the government. Their biggest hope is that everyone will need counseling, drugs, and government financial aid…

… forever…

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