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The following articles came to me via email and through other sources. Below is a listing of those links along with a brief clip from the articles. I may write on some of these in the near future but, if not, here are the originals for your reading enjoyment.

Articles: China declares vaccine war on world; Biden Admin flying migrants to northern border; Father arrested for discussing child’s gender transition; Biden halts Navy Ops.

China Declares a Vaccine War on the World

China will allow foreigners to enter the country, but it has directed embassies around the world to only issue a visa if the traveler has gotten a COVID-19 vaccine that was made in China.

There has been no Chinese-made vaccine approved for human use in America, nor is there likely to be one anytime soon. China has created 5 different vaccines but none have been approved by the WHO. This is probably due to the fact that the Chinese government refuses to release the results of Stage 3 trials — a crucial requirement for vaccine approval in the U.S. and other western countries.

Biden Administration Flying Migrants to Northern Border for Processing

No one should worry. The Biden administration says there’s absolutely, positively, cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die no crisis in any way, shape, or form at the border. Claims to the contrary are just right-wing propaganda and misinformation.

So why will ICE be flying hundreds of migrants a day to border facilities hundreds of miles away near the Canadian border?

Father arrested for discussing child’s gender transition in defiance of court order

A Canadian man was arrested this week after violating a court order that banned him from speaking publicly about his son’s gender transition.

“I am fighting the far left based on a civil disobedience defense! I am now back in court for a five day criminal trial that will last at least five days . . . From April 12-16. That trial that could land me in jail for up to five years for speaking truth about state sponsored child abuse.”

Biden Halts Navy Operations, Orders Sailors to Undergo Stand-Down Training

We were further lectured that “supremacists” were seeking to join the military to gain skills and proficiency with weapons. But, of course, we know that inner-city gangs have been trying this for years, and yet there was no discussion of this. Nor was there any mention of antifa, which explicitly and often openly promotes violent activities. It seems odd that in 2020, when we saw 1,000 riots with varying levels of violence, our training would be centered on the one riot connected to the right and ignore the 999 connected to the left.

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