I was a guest author on Alexandria between 2015 to 2021 until the owner (H.M. Stuart) died in February 2022. Go here to read my post regarding his death and contributions.

Recently his blog ( was parked, presumably by his widow who once told me she wasn’t sure what would happen to the site. As anyone with a website realizes, it costs money for the domain as well as the hosting. I truly enjoyed Stuart’s articles and will miss the opportunity to view them.

Alexandria was a guest-post-driven multi-author blog spanning the human condition from any and all points of view.

I wrote on a variety of subjects such as home buying, healthcare, parenting, Donald J. Trump, and more. The articles listed below are now simply acting as a guide to show their dates and which ones were originally on Alexadria. I have removed the broken links from that site and added links to their locations here on Freedom Lover USA.

Posts by Just Jill on Alexandria are listed below.