Coronavirus Best Defense Videos

Below is a video by Dr. Sten Ekberg speaking about the Coronavirus in May of 2020. He has several videos discussing Covid-19 and this first one discusses what individuals must do to beat the virus if they are infected but, more importantly, how to not get infected.

What do we need to do? Get and stay healthy!

Dr. Ekberg states he hasn’t heard anyone talk about getting healthy because we have a very passive medical model. We are told to keep eating the foods we’ve always eaten, including sugar, while taking pills and getting the flu show as we wait for a vaccine.

I find this interesting… we don’t have a Health Care System but instead we have a Sick Care System. I agree with his assessment. Most of our health care system treats the symptoms AFTER people get sick rather than focusing on staying healthy. Mainly personal physicians, hospitals, and other facilities that treat an illness or injury after things go wrong.

Covid-19 Risk Factors:

  • Obesity (BMI >40)
  • Diabetes
  • 1 or more of Cardio Vascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Chronic Lung, Liver, or Kidney Disease
  • Vulnerable – Chemo, Smoking, Steroids, Chronic Disease
  • > 70 years old (CVD, T2D, BP)

Most of the risk factors of covid-19 are associated with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is also associated with heart attacks, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes. See chart in video.

Are you perfectly healthy? He states that no one is perfectly healthy due to our environment but a person can get themselves as close to perfect as possible.

Our current health care system asks how they can treat the symptom but we need to ask ourselves health questions like what is actually required for optimal health.

Human Requirements to Live

~ For More Life: need fuel, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, vitamins & minerals
~ For Less Life: ingest sugar, frequent processed carbohydrates, toxins, drugs

~ More Life: increase movement, good posture for proper signals, chiropractic care to help
~ Less Life: remain sedentary, poor posture, trauma

~ More Life: find peace, joy, purpose
~ Less Life: increase stress, anger, fear

Best way to defend yourself is to is to focus on the MORE LIFE human requirements and get away from the Less Life; we all want more GOOD QUALITY life!

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