Kamala’s Backpedal Backstabbing of Biden

From Town Hall: Kamala Harris to Travel to Central America Before Visiting the Southern Border

The president assigned Harris to navigate the border crisis, but the vice president backpedaled and said that she was only designated to deal with the “root causes” of the influx of border crossings.

Kamala wants to find the root cause? Oh, that’s easy…

First root cause – Biden reversed Trumps regulations that were working and preventing the type of surge that began the day Biden tore up the deal with Mexico (if not sooner).

Second root cause – Coyotes and other ugly bastards are taking advantage of the innocent who believe political lies and the ignorant who also believe political lies.

Third root cause – see above – political assholes who will take advantage of any situation and any innocent life to further their miserable careers.

There will come a day when Kamala stabs Biden in the back and blames her decisions, or lack thereof, on him. Oh, she will continue to blame Trump but she will slip in jabs and pokes to show the decline of Biden and the rise of KaHa.

There will come another chant Dems scream like teenage girls during a boy band concert.

KaHa, KaHa, KaHa

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That ugly masked crow taking us to the abyss.

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2 Responses to Kamala’s Backpedal Backstabbing of Biden

  1. Michelle says:

    No doubt she is looking out for her political future, which is the underlying reason she isn’t taking action along the border. As a democrat, she is not able to admit that Trump’s policies worked so she would rather America be in turmoil than fix the problem. She also can’t show real effort because if she fails then it’s on her, not Biden. During election time she needs to be able to separate herself, call Biden a rapist and racist like she did during the debates if it helps her win. She has a plan and it’s at Americas expense.

    • Just Jill says:

      I agree! She is letting everyone else do the work and keeping her options open for future backstabbing. She is not a leader, she’s just power-hungry. She and Hillary Clinton must be best buds.

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