So many subjects, so little time. This is a short list of the subjects I wish to write about in the near future to publish here or on Alexandria. The future is nigh if only I can find the time.

This is a list of subjects that have come to mind from 2021 and into present day. There are many things to write about and this is a ‘sticky note on the wall’.

  • Sins of Our Ancestors – creating guilt over things people never did
  • Cause & Effect of 2020 riots – January capitol event
  • The Dems think Trump is Jesus and all must deny him
  • DC erasing men & women – creating disorders that do not exist in people in order to tear society and families apart – government as the new parents
  • Dr. Fauci’s $470k yearly salary – for what, exactly?
  • True vote count that elected Biden
  • Wealthiest people $500 billion richer in 2020
  • Electricity – fossil fuel – windmills & solar
  • Biden’s choice to allow men to join female sports
  • Fall of Oregon
  • Hate – Does hating Trump equate to hating his supporters
  • Covid is here to stay
  • Analysis of Time’s Shadow Campaign