Larry Elder for Governor of California

Larry Elder is running for governor of California as a Republican against Gavin Newsom who is currently fighting against a recall effort against him.

Go to Elect Elder and make a donation if you feel he can help fix the mess growing beyond belief in California. I am extremely confident in his ability to make life better for those suffering in the state and those who think no one cares.

Step One is to recall Gavin Newsom and so far, he’s in a lot of trouble. Even if he is not recalled, he will not remain as governor beyond his current term. Too many people in California are mad about what he has done even before 2020 punched us in the gut.

Step Two is to elect Larry Elder!

The following interview is great and I encourage everyone to watch and listen. Larry knows more about community and people than any of the politicians sitting on their asses in California. He understands racism, homelessness, unemployment, wage issues, mental illness, the affects of lock downs, crime, and much more.

Go to Elect Elder and make a donation!!

If you don’t want to make a donation via the internet, there is a mailing address…

Make checks payable to: Elder for Governor 2021
Mail to: Elder for Governor
25422 Trabuco Rd Suite 105-521
Lake Forest, CA 92630

The above address and details are found HERE.

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