Parenting Style 2020 – Lock ‘Em Up

Let’s talk about the new 2020 Parenting Style called locking your kids away if they might have an illness at some point during their lifetime. You know… just in case.

Note – Never, ever lock your kids away in a room to isolate them from people or for any other reason. I wouldn’t normally feel inclined to say this, but it seems necessary after the brain massacre of 2020.

If you venture over to Twitter today, you will no longer find these two individuals as they have apparently vacated the site (at least as named below). What you ‘will’ find is a continuation of parent-shaming by other members, which I find totally acceptable.

Assuming these women actually did what they claimed to have done, neither of them knows what being a good parent actually means. And we really must assume they did these things because no one would make this up and put it on the web hoping to be accused of child abuse.

This is the insanity of 2020 and what governments have done to their citizens. Typically, I find myself writing about the insanity in the United States. In this particular case, the wonderful parents in question are from Canada. This rather ruins the stereotype of how awesome and friendly Canadians are, but I digress.

It’s not just the fault of today’s controlling governments. It’s also the responsibility of places like Twitter and those who swim in the feces found there. Of course, the debate of who is ultimately at fault is one we can have for hours but if we must decide for certain, it is the fault of the parents.

Let’s not forget that being a parent means one must understand children and realize they are not adults nor think like adults. Children cannot be isolated from others and made to understand it’s for their own good. They will take this as punishment and fear that their mother or father hates them.

The RedIslandDreamer was willing to lock her 10-year-old child in a room alone by himself for 14 days, even though it broke her heart, to punish him for being in the same class as someone who had covid. That is how her son took it, as punishment, because there is no other way for a 10-year-old to take such a thing as forced isolation away from his family.

Here she admits to isolating her son from his parents and siblings even though he has no symptoms whatsoever. This was apparently to protect everyone else while causing real and possible long-lasting mental health issues for her son. That sounds like excellent parenting skills; at least for 2020.

But, as she points out, at least he had the good bathroom!

Since we clearly live in Bizarre-O-World, it’s clear the rest of the family members were the real victims. I mean, how upsetting it must have been to not have access to the good bathroom.

Some people are incredibly selfish while others are simply stupid. In other instances, they are both.

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