New York City to Ban Un-vaccinated from Restaurants

There is an endless amount of issues with this and so much that can be said. It’s one of those things that makes the blood boil.

Once again, Democrats are pushing segregation on the American population.

They want to separate the vaccinated from the un-vaccinated and they will do it in any way possible including, but not limited to, using the mayors and governors of the 50 states to implement policies and forced mandates. Biden and his administration claims they won’t force it but they encourage others to do it in their stead.

This entire thing is one giant mess and a way for the government (federal and state) to control the citizens of the greatest country in the world. What better way to do it than to take away freedoms and do it in such a way that people turn on each other.

First we have the NY mayor’s order. This comes from an email subscription and contains various links.

They will also be banned from attending movies or going to the gym starting August 16 (AP). And here’s where it gets dicey: Blacks in New York City are only 31 percent fully vaccinated; by far the lowest percentage among the listed races (NYC).  If a Republican made the same declaration, the headlines would declare the effort a banning of blacks in restaurants. Katie Pavlich reminds us “There was a time not so long ago that Democrats opposed these types of mandates. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi categorized the issue as a “matter of privacy” (Townhall).

Then the Boston mayor compared the NYC’s vaccine mandate to slavery.

Acting Mayor Kim Janey — the first woman and black Bostonian to hold the office — said “there’s a long history” in the United States of people “needing to show their papers” when asked Tuesday about the mandate unveiled earlier in the day by Mayor Bill de Blasio that requires proof of vaccination to enter indoor restaurants, entertainment venues and gyms starting on Sept. 13.

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2 Responses to New York City to Ban Un-vaccinated from Restaurants

  1. Deb says:

    But but but… They said their platform was Unity. If those who voted left would open their eyes, get over their biggest “complaint” about the last president (ie Orange Man bad) and just SEE what is going on but they are far too blinded by their apparent hatred they will not allow themselves the freedom to think for themselves.

    • Just Jill says:

      There are too many sheep looking towards government officials for answers. Yes, having good leaders is important but people need to stop being so damn ignorant and trusting of them. Regardless of a person’s affiliation with a particular party (who they vote for) they need to keep their eyes open. Now the Dems are saying that they never wanted to defund the police even though they were the ones calling for it. Question is… will those that voted for them fall for that lie?

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