Gas Prices on April 13, 2021

This is a continued study in gas price changes after Joe Biden signed his Executive Order eliminating thousands of jobs. I am tracing the following states: California (West), Idaho (NW), Minnesota (N-mid), Pennsylvania (East), Florida (SE), Texas (S-mid).

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Information coming from AAA

US Map

California Map $3.936

Florida Map $2.842

Idaho Map $3.066

Minnesota Map $2.721

Pennsylvania Map $2.966

Texas Map $2.576

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2 Responses to Gas Prices on April 13, 2021

  1. Michael says:

    When the only state worse than your state is California…

    • Just Jill says:

      I noticed some prices went down a touch from last month to this month but, in general, all prices are rising. I randomly picked these states in a ‘circling’ of the US. CA is amazingly high but so are WA, OR, and NV. Mississippi seems to be the lowest at the moment.

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