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The following articles came to me via email and through other sources. Below is a listing of those links along with a brief clip from the articles. I may write on some of these in the near future but, if not, here are the originals for your reading enjoyment.

Articles: VACCINE passports (states for and against), RACIST menthol cigarettes, IDAHO bill banning indoctrination, OREGON town declares emergency.

Washington Examiner: Vaccine passports gain traction in Democratic places and bans in red states.

So far the, following states have approved the use of vaccine passports: New York, Hawaii, and Illinois. Those states that have outlawed vaccine passports (all GOP-lead) are Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Texas.

“Vaccine passports create different classes of citizens,” Little said. “Vaccine passports restrict the free flow of commerce during a time when life and the economy are returning to normal. Vaccine passports threaten individual freedom and patient privacy.”

PJ Media: Biden Administration to Ban Menthol Cigarettes Because They’re Racist or Something

The Biden administration will propose canceling (banning) menthol cigarettes because they attack more black people than white people. Menthol cigarettes are racist. Regular flavored cigarettes don’t kill as many black people as menthol cigarettes and will henceforth be canceled. Because black people will ever only smoke menthol cigarettes and never smoke regular flavored cigarettes, right?

PJ Media: Controversial Idaho Bill That Bans ‘Indoctrination’ of Students Passes Senate

Senate Education Chairman Steven Thayn, a Republican, said, “There’s no topic banned in the bill, there’s no book banned in the bill. It does not censor history, you can talk about anything in history. … In fact, it does not ban the teaching of critical race theory, it doesn’t ban that. It doesn’t ban anything. What it says is that you cannot compel students to adopt or adhere” to certain principles.

More PJ Media: Oregon Town Declares Emergency to Fight Gov. Brown’s Lockdowns

The Criminal Element Is Very Thankful for Oregon’s Lockdowns. The declaration cites many examples of increased criminal behavior, negative mental health outcomes, and business failures. “This resolution is saying that these mandates are hurting us more than the virus at this point,” McQuisten says. “They’re hurting us on a mental health level, on an economic level, and in terms of criminal activity. Our jail is in such a diminished capacity situation right now. We have 45 beds we normally can fill. Right now, it’s down to 15, 20 beds. So, when someone is arrested, unless it’s a severely violent crime, they are cited and released and turned back out onto the streets. I actually heard someone who had been arrested walking down the street laughing that this was the perfect time because these are mandates to commit crimes.”

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