Two Trillion Dollar B-Movie: Cue the Coup

Do you ever feel like you’re living inside the worse possible action-thriller-drama B Movie ever made? It sure as hell feels that way to me. Let’s pull back and take a look at what is happening around President Biden.

The Democrats knew from the very beginning that Joe Biden had cognitive issues. Their goal all along has been to get a Democrat, any Democrat, into office in order to take over and erase everything Trump did. It is obviously the goal of every party to get into office, but the Democrats made huge efforts to hide the fact they elected a guy who doesn’t know where he is most times of the day.

Their hope is to get him out of there as quickly as possible so they can install Harris as the new president. We’ve been saying this for months. It was obvious to everyone; however, the media pretended not notice. That is, until now.

It’s clear that many events which happened in the last 10-12 months were pre-planned (probably further back than that). Let’s pretend Biden and those connected to him had some involvement in introducing Covid-19 to the United States. He and his son did have major China connections so it’s not that far-fetched that his hands are dirty.

Add to that the fact Dr. Fauci has gone back and forth regarding the severity of the disease and the way other government officials, from DC to state governors and city mayors, don’t have a clue what to do other than shut down everything.

In the meantime, protests and riots rocked the nation and government officials encouraged and pushed for more and more. In some cases, police did nothing because they were told to do nothing. In other cases, police stations were attacked and mayors, who thought they were on the side of the rioters, were also vandalized. Hard to say if that was legit or part of the plan to hide the fact rioters were being paid to riot. But that’s just another theory, right?

Regular Americans watched day after day throughout 2020 while politicians encouraged riots and even provided bail for some of them. Then along comes January 2021 and there they are again, at the Capitol building. Oh, I know they claim it was all Trump supporters but that isn’t entirely true, now is it. People don’t go from ‘not rioting at all’ to suddenly ‘attacking the Capitol Building’. We know Antifa and BLM and their supporters were protesting and rioting during 2020 so why wouldn’t we also realize they would do the same in DC?

The planned attack on the Capitol Building has had many consequences, one of them being a giant fence still surrounding the building. And what is this fence doing? For one thing, it’s keeping Americans out. Yes, there may still be some people allowed to enter but how many want to go to a prison camp?

We know they are claiming there are radical Trump supporters out there somewhere… some place we can’t see… waiting to pounce. But we also know that is a lie.

So, what is the actual truth of why a fence is still standing around the People’s Building?

Well, they are implementing, or trying to implement, dozens of executive orders in a very short period of time while also appointing inappropriate people to Biden’s cabinet and pushing things like the Equality Act, excessive gun control, $1.9 trillion with billions in pork, and other things the normal American citizen is against.

They know we are against all of this so it feels like they are primed and ready for a protest which, if it were to happen, they would call an insurrection. They know they are the minority. Oh, they have millions of minions and blank-minded robots but for the most part, people are raising an eyebrow and questioning what’s happening; even those who voted for Biden.

Pelosi has flat out stated there are Republican threats, from within, against the Democrats. She announced this without proof and without the media asking for more information. She accused the Republicans within the House of threatening Democrats and yet no one asked if there was an official report or if anyone was arrested. Why? Because they want to keep the umbrella of fear and tension over Congress. For what further purpose, you might ask.

How about this?

They have this all lined up for something horrible to be done by the Left but blamed on the Right. Even though they are willing to remove Biden due to cognitive issues, they would probably find it even better if the Right tried to take over and, in the process, caused the worse case scenario to happen. And I have no doubt the Democrats would do the dirtiest deed possible and frame Republicans in order to remove our representatives and lock down the government for years to come.

At one point in my life, I would have figured this the plot of a bad B rated movie. Today, it seems more and more likely that a Democrat government takeover is imminent and we, the average law-abiding American, will be the ultimate victims. The question now is will we be able to overcome and end the movie with a happy ending or is this doomed to be another dystopia.

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