Biden’s Handgun Ban

Throughout the years whenever there is a shooting, there are increased pushes for banning guns. Specifically, things like the AR15.

Inevitably there is a 2nd Amendment supporter who points out that the shooting in question was done with a handgun, as if to say banning an AR15 is silly because it was not what was used during the shooting.

And every time someone does that, I cringe.

It may indeed be true that a handgun was used but when that is pointed out, we are putting the spotlight on handguns. So of course, inevitably someone is going to say we need to ban handguns.

Politicians claim they are not trying to ban handguns and place a big emphasis on that point because they know more voters support owning them. As someone who believes strongly in the Second Amendment, I doubt their sincerity.

Politicians lie! It’s in their blood. We can say they can’t help themselves, but we know that’s not true ; It’s just what they do.

Then along comes Joe Biden. He is one of the most honest lying politicians there is. He can’t help but tell the truth and mingle it with lies while still somehow telling the truth. It baffles most people to the point that it adds to the theory that he is senile. What politician would ever actually tell the truth the way he does without it being a mental disorder?


Whether it’s a 9mm pistol or whether it’s a rifle, is ridiculous. I’m continuing to push the elimination of a sale of those things. But I’m not likely to get that done in the near term


In this video Biden mentions how ridiculous it is for citizens to own guns that can shoot 20 to 120 shots and, in that same sentence, mentions 9mm pistols.

Two things to point out regarding what he said; he apparently knows nothing regarding the 9mm pistol and, at the same time, literally said he wants to ban pistols. The 9mm is one of the most common pistols owned in this country. There may be people clapping in that audience but all he did was prove to the country that Democrats want to remove all guns from the hands of every Americans.

At least he was honest about it?

If we allow the government to take away specific rifles like the AR15, then they will eventually want to take away all rifles. And if that happens, they will want to take away all shotguns and then all 45mm and 40mm and, as Joe Biden just said, 9mm pistols.

Question for you Mr. Biden, do you want every 22mm as well? What about airsoft or BB guns? Are slingshots and boomerangs next?

It’s already illegal to make, import, sell, give away, or own nunchakus in California, a law that carries a sentence of up to 3 years in jail. Of course, that’s California, which adds notifications to as many products as possible claiming they cause some unknown cancer. Keep the public scared is the motto of California.

The point here is that once we give away a few freedoms, it opens the door to more and more being taken, regardless of whether or not we are willing.

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