Twenty-One Years Later on 9/11

The citizens of the United States, regardless of political belief, came together after terrorists attacked our country and killed 2,996 of our fellow Americans in 2001.

Sadly, instead of those enemies being eliminated, they have multiplied. For example, the Biden administration continues to allow our southern border to be overrun by illegal aliens swarming our land after his own words of encouragement. It has been proven that some of these people are known terrorists and it’s unclear how many are within the interior.

I recently learned that only 14 states are actively teaching students regarding the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. That alone seems terroristic in nature and an attempt to erase history. There appears to be a strong drive to make us to forget or accept the blame for what happened.

The states currently teaching about 9/11 are New York, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland.

It’s unclear what type of education is taught in these states. Perhaps they merely mention the date at some point in September or perhaps some use an actual curriculum that teaches what happened and who attacked us. It wouldn’t be too difficult to determine the answer but the simple fact only 14 states are providing any type of education is disgusting.

There is a House Resolution requesting that all 50 states teach 9/11 history but it is absurd such a request is even needed.

Anyone who might say it was only 2,996 people clearly doesn’t realize that those deaths were accompanied by over 25,000 injured people. And even if there were no others injured, it should not matter if it were 2,996 or 29 or 29,000,000 deaths. A life is a life.

The breakdown of the deaths includes:

19 terrorist hijackers

2,763 civilians at the World Trade Center

189 people at the Pentagon

44 people on Flight 93

The reverence over this horrible attack seems to have lessened over the years and even the anger seems to be vanishing. Certainly not everyone will personally remember that day. To some degree it’s understandable that some do not understand the magnitude because they were not alive or too young to remember. The further away from an even we get, the less impact it seems to have on our daily lives. Much like remembering D-Day, it becomes history and has little impact to everyone personally. This is why we need lessons of history told over and over.

Here’s the thing though… the enemies attacking us in 2001 have not disappeared nor have they forgotten about us. Allowing the citizens of our great nation to simply add 9/11 into our memory banks as a day in the life of the history of the United States is akin to telling those who attacked us to do it again. Until our enemies are vanquished or, at a minimum, afraid to come at us again, they are still our enemies. They are continually searching for our weak point.

They took a chance twenty-one years ago that hijacking airplanes and flying them into buildings would hurt us and they were right. It did not make us fall as they wished we would fall but it did damage us. The part that is the most frustrating is the lack of consequential learning on our parts.

If we don’t continually teach current and future generations the full history of what and why 9/11 happened, our nation will drop it’s guard and the next terrorist attack will be far worse with lasting consequences. We must remember, we must be on guard, we must fight our enemies rather than letting them in the back door or bowing to their demands.

Be reverent to the lives lost, diligent to defending our nation, and constantly aware of people and events around us; be on guard because our enemies certainly are.

As you keep this in mind, be on guard even more for the changes to our country and the division being sponsored by politicians and the media and others quietly hiding behind the curtain. They are working hard to change and anger us and they’re doing a damn good job of it.

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