Media Manipulation Tactics

The media lies to us. This has become one of the most widely known facts in recent decades and is often paralleled with statements like ‘all politicians are power hungry’. Perhaps it’s not all politicians but it sure feels like it and that is exactly how many feel about the media. We want to believe they are telling us the truth but often we learn they are telling us their opinions and calling them facts.

For an interesting and entertaining analysis regarding how the media lies to us, check out the video at the end of this post. My comments below relate to what is found in the video.

One method the media manipulates us with is through the use of statistics (4:45); even turning charts upside down to confuse the issue. Another tactic is to be overly dramatic; murders up 100% without mention of how many murders occurred.

Headlines are click bate which are often not clicked!

People scroll and scroll and scroll, only reading the quick flash of words until something strikes them as interesting. The most outrageous is often what is noticed. The video’s example at 14:00 about Jordan Peterson is a great example of people reading the headlines and installing it into their brains as real and true.

Using manipulated language to put words into a person’s mouth is something we see all the time. When the interviewer gets a chance, they might say something like “so you’re saying…” which is a trick to take away from what the other person actually said and lead the viewer down a different road.

The “well that’s your opinion” method is another annoying and insulting thing to say but it often proves that the interviewer has no further knowledge or ability to counter what is being said and thus must result to the lame tactic.

I love the mention of critics in this video. It’s much like when you hear a report of newly found “anonymous sources” coming up with information no one else has found or the even better “silent witness” who doesn’t dare come forward for fear of something bad happening which is never explained. When the author of an article says “critics say”, it is often the opinion of said author who is being critical but can’t admit it.

This is very fascinating to me because I have felt this way for a long time. When I hear that a witness has come forward or a whistle blower has suddenly appeared, I get suspicious. Usually when this occurs, it’s at the last possible moment before a decision is to be made. Sometimes, it’s just too coincidental and the timing too miraculous for me to believe.

One of the problems with the above tactic is that when a real witness does come forward, we automatically assume they are not legit. We start imagining people in back rooms making lucrative deals (some call them bribes) with individuals who exaggerate or make up a story about the person they are trying to banish.

It makes me wonder who has been axed because of lies we believed.

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  1. Michael says:

    Lying liars lie!

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