Biden Blows (it again)

Joe Biden’s presidency is proof that the democrats do not want America to succeed nor for its citizens to be anything more than subjects, servants, or beggars. Too dramatic? I think not.

Joe Blow destroyed Americas chance at an economic recovery from the crap every government put the world through with the covid-19 crisis. Rest assured that if Trump had remained in office, things would be much different and better today than they are.

The prices at the gas pump and the prices in the grocery stores are proof positive that Joe Biden and those in his administration don’t know crap about improving the lives of Americans. Oh, they know plenty about how to destroy everyone’s lives and keep people ‘in their place’ far, far below the elite politicians and their supporters.

To say they don’t know what they are doing is to say they actually care; and they do not! The only love they have is the love of power and riches that line their pockets and only their pockets. They know perfectly well what they are doing and that is to make a complete mess out of everything, blame it on those who came before them, and add a little duct tape to fake a repair.

Joe Blow knew perfectly well that shutting down the pipeline would send America back into depending upon other countries and lining even more pockets. Joe Blow also knew that there was potential for other pipelines to be attacked or shut down by outside forces or even his own administration. If there is a gas shortage, all the better. They want everyone riding bicycles anyway. Only the elite and very important individuals should have cars and the ability to go wherever they want.

American citizens are free and part of being free is the ability to travel from one state to another without need of documents or excessive wealth in order to afford the gas to get there.

This is all part of an elaborate plan to keep the serfs in their place because the elite just can’t stand the smell. Honestly, if anyone should complain about the smell, it’s the American voters.

The election of 2020 stinks to high heaven and we all freaking know there was corruption, stealing, and law breaking beyond our comprehension.  Most Americans believe in the system and it’s hard to fathom this kind of corruption existing outside of a movie. Perhaps that’s why the entertainment industry loves themselves some Dems; they had to pull the plot ideas from somewhere.

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