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Articles: Border sheriff declares it’s Biden’s fault; Ted Cruz on wearing a mask

The following articles came to me via email and through other sources. Below is a listing of those links along with a brief clip from the articles. I may write on some of these in the near future but, if not, here are the originals for your reading enjoyment.

Washington Examiner: Border sheriff: It is Biden’s fault

“In my county alone, we had three secondary checkpoints. They’re all shut down. We had an aerostat for low flying aircraft. That’s taken down. We had a Border Patrol station effective March 28 that is shutting down because they’ve rerouted those agents for other assignments to include child care in for taking care of kids. And so, what we’ve done is we’ve blended immigration with border security, and that security piece is now being rerouted,” said the longtime sheriff.

Townhall: Ted Cruz on wearing a mask

I wore a mask. I still got COVID. It isn’t some protective shield. It’s an airborne virus. If you get it, you get it. Period. It never ceases to amaze me how liberal America thinks if you wear a mask, it gives you 100 percent protection from contracting COVID.

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