Never Ending Reparations

Once reparations begin, it will be nearly impossible to stop them. Just like welfare, it will become a funnel to anyone who can claim they deserve such reparations.

With the Joe Biden relief bill and its promise to minority farm-owners, those that do not fall under the minority category are left wondering why the US government is racist.

White farmers blast $5bn promised to minority farm-owners in Biden’s relief bill as discrimination and ‘racism’ with Sen. Lindsey Graham claiming it is a form of ‘reparations’

The Emergency Relief for Farmers of Color Act was introduced to the relief package by Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock in early February to provide immediate financial relief to black, indigenous, and Hispanic farmers.

The bill provides $4billion in direct payments to farmers of color and has allocated $1 billion to address systemic racism at the U.S. Agriculture Department (USAD), providing legal assistance to farmers of color and grants and loans to improve land access for minorities.

We keep hearing about the rampart racism in the United States but in fact, the racism is found primarily inside the government not in its citizens. Politicians buy votes by pandering to minority groups and promising them that everyone who is white is going to PAY for the past no one knows and for the future no one can see.

Senator Lindsey Graham
‘Let me give an example of something that really bothers me. In this bill, if you are a farmer, your loan will be forgiven up to 120% of your loan, not 100%, but 120%, if you’re socially disadvantaged, if you’re African American… but if you’re a White person, if you are a White woman, no forgiveness. That’s reparations. What does that got to do with Covid?’

This portion of the relief bill (along with many other portsions) has nothing to do with Covid; nothing at all! That’s why so many are against this relief bill, not correctly named, and the garbage included in it. The coming of Covid in 2020 was every Democrat’s wet dream and they are still in ecstasy over how they have been able to fool so many, for so long.

Betsy McCaughey The bill looks more like reparations than COVID relief. It says farm aid is “for the purposes of addressing the longstanding and widespread discrimination against socially disadvantaged farmers.” Truth is, farmers have been struggling for a decade, and more than half lose money year after year. Minority-owned farms are generally less indebted than those owned by whites, though diminished access to credit may be part of the reason. White and minority farmers alike need debt relief.

Using the Covid relief bill as a way of sneaking in reparations here and there (assuming that is what they are doing) is a devious way to get everyone ‘used’ to giving their money away. Much like the “do as I say, not as I do” test run in 2020 to see how many would wear a mask, now they want to know how many will give everything away to not be seen as racist.

Question: If this is reparations and, the reparations are to pay for black slavery, why is the money going to Hispanics and indigenous peoples? If this is not reparations, why does the government need to send so much more money to minorities instead of to all those in need?

It appears that the objective is to punish anyone who is white just for the sin of being white. There is nothing else it could be because no one alive today was a slave, owned a slave, or knew anyone of either classification.

Now, if they are including people who were adults in the 60s during segregation, they are now in their 80s and many already dead due to Covid (yes, that was snarky). We could spend a week talking about all of the things Democrats did to keep segregation alive in the 60s and could easily compare how they are keeping segregation alive today through the process of pushing racism every chance they can.

It is beginning to appear that reparations are not necessarily to punish whites for slavery but instead to punish whites for being white. It doesn’t matter if they are actively doing ‘racist’ things or not. A white person could be the most giving and understanding human on the planet and it would not matter. Their skin is white and therefore they are evil and need to give everything they own, all of their money, all they will every have or earn, to someone with darker skin.

Big lightning bolt to the brain moment: We cannot get rid of racism by creating more racism.

Duh, right? Seems duh to most people.

Literally, racism is talked about more now than twenty years ago. The Democrats would say it means people were in denial back then but what it really means is that they didn’t get all they wanted after Obama was elected and noticed that, when he was president and said things that worked up certain groups, they were able to take advantage of those moments.

Since then, the Democrats have fueled every fire they could in order to keep people angry and create the biggest divisions between peoples we’ve seen in many decades. Straight against gays, whites against blacks, boomers against millennials, liberals against conservatives, religious against everyone else, trans against non-trans, and so many more yet to come.

Reparations will never end once they are started and those receiving it will expect it every month, every year, and for eternity. This is yet another thing that will destroy the country.

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