No Right to Defense

Listening to the closing arguments in the Rittenhouse trial clearly indicates how some people honestly believe that when a person is attacked by another individual, they must wait until they are beaten to death before defending themselves.

The words coming out of the mouths of the lawyers makes me wonder if they know what is protected by the Constitution of the United States. This is why we have a justice system. This is why we do not rush to judgment in deciding a person’s fate.

Imagine what would have happened if legal judgment was placed as quickly as the media’s judgement. In this particular case, the 17-year-old would have been hanged and the mob labeled heroic in the process.

I don’t know about other countries but in the United States of America, a lynch mob is illegal. I believe that is correct (I say with sarcasm) but with the current political weather, it’s becoming more and more evident that the media and extremists want it to be legal (so long as they are doing the lynching).

As I write this, the outcome of the trial is not concluded, and I am doing the writing now on purpose before knowing what comes of it. The closing statements are an interesting thing to watch. Facts are being heard by the public which means the media cannot hide or twist them. Now the jury must decide based on all they have heard.

One last thing I raise an eyebrow to is the prosecutor raising a gun and aiming it at the jury. Not only did he not personally check for ammo, he placed his finger on the trigger. Imagine if he had accidentally pulled that trigger and it was loaded.

I question this highly because of the intensity of this trial and the public’s perception of it. Death threats have been received and now a gun has been aimed at the jury. Was this on purpose? Was this a wink, wink to those who might need permission to follow through if the outcome is not to their liking?

This was highly inappropriate and dangerous to the jury not only from the uneducated man aiming a gun at them but from those watching. 

Sadly, the media has turned this into a racial issue even though everyone involved had the same color skin. They have also not persecuted the man who continually used the N word while presumably at a BLM demonstration (one of many that turned into a riot). If the situation doesn’t fit their message, they ignore it. If the situation harms their message, they inflate it.

There is no trust in the media, and they are now lower than the reputation of a sleezy lawyer.

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