Gas Prices June 30, 2022

Let’s look at the last day in June 2022 and see where we’re at; it’s not pretty. The AAA website states that decreasing gas demands is causing lower prices yet those prices are still too high for Americans to pay at the pump. It means people are staying home and carpooling. They aren’t going to the store when they need groceries, they aren’t going to the doctor when they need help, they are doing exactly what the government wants them to do; stay home and out of the way of those who consider themselves royalty.

With less of the poor out in the streets, the more room there is for the elites. Conspiracy? Amazing how many things we thought were theories are turning out to be true.

This is a continued study in gas price changes after Joe Biden signed his Executive Order eliminating thousands of jobs. I am tracing the following states: California (West), Idaho (NW), Minnesota (N-mid), Pennsylvania (East), Florida (SE), Texas (S-mid).

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Information coming from AAA

California $6.289 – Was $6.065 in May – up $.224

Florida $4.617 – Was $4.487 in May – up $.13

Idaho $5.248 – Was $4.619 in May – Up $.629!!

Minnesota $4.697 – Was $4.143 in May – up $.554!!

Pennsylvania $4.934 – Was $4.774 in May – up $.16

Texas $4.488 – was $4.291 in May – up $.197

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