Teachers: Lazy or Simply Lazy?

Listening to the Michael Knowles Show on 1/26/21 regarding the subject of lazy teachers in Washington State who use the excuse of whiteness to not go back to school buildings in order to teach students in person.

Head of Washington State Teachers Union Scott Wilson claimed that it is white supremacy to make students go back to school and pointed out that concerns over student mental health caused by students not in school is a form of white privilege.

Don’t believe me? Video found here

He brings up the subject of teachers being called lazy and mentions the several emails coming from parents complaining that their children are suicidal due to not being in school or participating in school sports. His response is that the parents concerned about this are ignorant and it’s just another expression of, you guessed it, white privilege.

Going to school is not white privilege and being concerned for a child’s mental health is also not white privilege. As a matter of fact, I would say going to school is an American privilege for those of us who live in America. That, sir, means every child has a right to go to school and be taught by teachers who care about them and believe in teaching them face-to-fac, not sitting at home.

That said… the closure of schools has brought the knowledge to parents just how capable they are of teaching their child on their own. Obviously this is harder and often impossible for parents who cannot remain at home with their child or who’s child is too young to manage themselves while alone.

Some parents are finding out, however, that other parents think much like they do and are utilizing each other’s abilities and some of those abilities include teaching or directing children to learn.

How much do we really need these teachers?

If at all possible, parents should find a way to home school their children, find others who home school and can include more children, or put them in schools where they have a larger voice against unions that have proven they care little for the students.

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