AwakenWithJP – Newsom Recall & Biden Fence

JP’s videos are awesome; here are my thoughts on the latest. Watch and subscribe to his videos… you’ll get a laugh while also being informed. 😉

Gavin Newsom lifts his stay at home order with 1.2 million signatures to recall him looming over his head (not much more needed, dude).

Bernie’s mittens win the popular vote against Biden… but that doesn’t count… sorry Bernie! Screwed by your own party once again.

8:00 Biden against an ‘African’ travel ban in 2020 calling Trump xenophobic but now has implemented his own similar ban in 2021. But he’s not xenophobic at all!

8:45 in 2006 Biden voted for a 700 mile long fence along our southern border but apparently a wall is not as good as a fence so the wall has to come down. What an idiot!

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