Jussie Smollett Prediction

Jussie Smollett was found guilty of 5 out of 6 charges brought against him. There is an endless stockpile of information regarding what he said and what he did, and it is obvious that he set this entire thing up. 

Here’s a quick prediction now that he’s been found guilty by a jury.

All of his friends, especially those in Hollywood, will circle the wagons and tell the world that they understand how he feels and forgive him for doing what he did. More specifically, they will forgive him for lying to them and making them look like fools.

Will they turn against him and admit that he faked a hate crime in order to bring attention to himself for fame and fortune? Hell no!

They will make statements about how frustrated Jussie was as a black gay man who clearly must have had racial or homophobic taunts or threats against him and therefore, feeling fearful for what he imagined in his own head, had to create this hoax to bring light to his suffering.

That is what they will say and that is what they will push for years to come. Anyone who continues to say he’s a liar or claims that he encourages hatred and violence, will be labeled a homophobic white supremacist.

In the meantime, all of his supporters will hold him up and wipe his tears and he will want for nothing. He will get tons of cash for a book and movie deal and his fake story will be pushed until the mindless robots who adore Hollywood believe whole heartedly that Jussie is an innocent victim who had to do what he had to do in order to survive.

They won’t care that he made it all up because they believe their own made up dystopian views rolling around in their fake nightmares. Besides, that’s what Hollywood does best, make up stories with no basis in truth.

It’s all complete garbage.

This post was originally seen on Alexandria (aleksandreia.com).

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No Right to Defense

Listening to the closing arguments in the Rittenhouse trial clearly indicates how some people honestly believe that when a person is attacked by another individual, they must wait until they are beaten to death before defending themselves.

The words coming out of the mouths of the lawyers makes me wonder if they know what is protected by the Constitution of the United States. This is why we have a justice system. This is why we do not rush to judgment in deciding a person’s fate.

Imagine what would have happened if legal judgment was placed as quickly as the media’s judgement. In this particular case, the 17-year-old would have been hanged and the mob labeled heroic in the process.

I don’t know about other countries but in the United States of America, a lynch mob is illegal. I believe that is correct (I say with sarcasm) but with the current political weather, it’s becoming more and more evident that the media and extremists want it to be legal (so long as they are doing the lynching).

As I write this, the outcome of the trial is not concluded, and I am doing the writing now on purpose before knowing what comes of it. The closing statements are an interesting thing to watch. Facts are being heard by the public which means the media cannot hide or twist them. Now the jury must decide based on all they have heard.

One last thing I raise an eyebrow to is the prosecutor raising a gun and aiming it at the jury. Not only did he not personally check for ammo, he placed his finger on the trigger. Imagine if he had accidentally pulled that trigger and it was loaded.

I question this highly because of the intensity of this trial and the public’s perception of it. Death threats have been received and now a gun has been aimed at the jury. Was this on purpose? Was this a wink, wink to those who might need permission to follow through if the outcome is not to their liking?

This was highly inappropriate and dangerous to the jury not only from the uneducated man aiming a gun at them but from those watching. 

Sadly, the media has turned this into a racial issue even though everyone involved had the same color skin. They have also not persecuted the man who continually used the N word while presumably at a BLM demonstration (one of many that turned into a riot). If the situation doesn’t fit their message, they ignore it. If the situation harms their message, they inflate it.

There is no trust in the media, and they are now lower than the reputation of a sleezy lawyer.

This post was originally seen on Alexandria (aleksandreia.com).

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Borders in Question

Canada Vs. Mexico

In 2018 we went on a cruise to Mexico. It was our first cruise and it was fantastic! We were part of an 8-party group that cruised together and we visited 3 ports and had 2 formal evenings onboard. We had the time of our lives and love it!

In 2019 we went on an Alaskan cruise. It was just two of us that time and we flew to Seattle and into Canada where we boarded the ship. It was a good time and a great memory. There was a hiccup or two and the cruise line ended up giving us a $750 credit for a future cruise.

We booked a cruise to the Caribbean in 2020 but, when the world went crazy, we obviously had to cancel that cruise. A friend of mine was geared up to go to the Mediterranean, but that cruise was cancelled by the cruise line. She was able to successfully travel to Mexico in November 2020 and the Dominican Republic this month but not via a cruise. She was required to wear a mask in the airport and on the plane unless she was eating or drinking. So, she was constantly eating and drinking. No vaccine necessary to go to those locations and, as soon as she got to DR, they told them to remove their masks.

During the past several months I have been watching a YouTube channel wherein the host goes on several cruises a year. One man is from Canada and has experienced his own issues traveling in 2021 but has still been able to cruise.

One of the reasons he can cruise is due to the fact he is vaccinated and has no trouble wearing a mask. He’s glad to do it although professes that he does not like it. On one of his cruises they tested him for Covid-19 when the cruise was over but the results did not come back for several days and Canada will not let you back into their country without a negative test (regardless of vaccine status).

I was admittedly very angry for him. It’s not like everyone can stay at a hotel an extra week in a foreign country. It costs money for the hotel, the food, and your income stops if you’re working.

One of his most recent videos really upset me but I doubt he, as a Canadian, would understand why it upset me the way it did. As of the first week in November, the United States will begin allowing vaccinated foreigners to enter the country. Per his video, there are Canadians who have not seen each other in over a year and a half due to being banned from crossing the border. He was very excited for them and glad the ban is being lifted.

I have a very important question for the American government!

Why have we not been allowing vaccinated people to cross our northern border when we are allowing illegal aliens to cross our southern border regardless of vaccination status, regardless of the reason, and regardless of how they will affect the rest of the country.

We aren’t allowing legal travel into our country or people to cross our northern border who have always been allowed to do so, yet somehow, it’s completely fine that thousands upon thousands of people can walk into America without legal authority to do so.

It is detrimental what the Democrats and their idiot leader is doing to our country. They don’t care about the lives of the illegal aliens nor the trials they face walking their asses through Mexico to get here.

“Just vote for us and you can have anything you want.”

That is the message and these people will expect payment of some kind for checking the box for the Democrats in the future. Assuming there’s a future left in 2022 after everything the Democrats have pushed on us and continue to push through as quickly as possible. They believe their days are numbered but who knows what elections will bring.

Back to cruising, based on everything being said and policies changing weekly (sometimes daily), I’m left to believe we will never cruise again. We do not want to go on a relaxing vacation just to be told we must wear a mask onboard or at the ports or in the hot tub or in our room.

We do not plan to get the vaccine. Will that decision change? Perhaps, but not today. So, if all cruise lines are going to force passengers to be vaccinated, they have lost a customer. Does it matter to them? I doubt it but we are not the only ones who will not cruise until or unless this policy changes.

It does mean we will forfeit our $750 credit but it is what it is.

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Unmask the Children

There is no reason our children should be wearing masks. Decades from now many of them will have mental health issues caused by these unscientific regulations. Wearing a mask restricts our freedom of expression and it’s all due to the ridiculous governmental grip on our society.

Question for you based on the above paragraph. What country am I talking about?

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Larry Elder for Governor of California

Larry Elder is running for governor of California as a Republican against Gavin Newsom who is currently fighting against a recall effort against him.

Go to Elect Elder and make a donation if you feel he can help fix the mess growing beyond belief in California. I am extremely confident in his ability to make life better for those suffering in the state and those who think no one cares.

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Employers Who Discriminate

In March of 2020, my department was removed from our office location and sent home to work there permanently. It wasn’t meant to be permanent but quickly transitioned into working at home forever.

This was met with varying degrees of happiness by the staff members.

Some were ecstatic because they loved the idea of never needing to drive to work again nor see everyone’s faces. These were the reclusive of the group.

Others were very upset because they desired the ability to see everyone in person and enjoyed the interactions with others; plus they got out of the house.

I was somewhere in between.

As the first week turned into the first month and more time went by, I fell into a depression I did not expect. I never really messaged people much while I was at the office and that did not increase much once we were home. Eventually I got used to it, but it was rough, and I felt very much alone.

As everyone on planet Earth knows, 2020 was not the best year on record for personal development and it’s hard to come across someone who does not say they had a hard time.

For me, it was met with depression, the possibility of losing our house, learning of my inability to wear a mask, being refused service at restaurants, and picking up groceries in a parking lot. Far worse than any of that, I also had a family member stuck in a hospital and rehab for 2 ½ months over Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and a birthday.

Here comes the controversy involving the Covid-19 craziness and my job.

I was told to go into our old office in September of 2020 to pick up my office equipment (laptop, etc) and was instructed to wear a mask. When I told my boss I could not do that, HR became involved and insisted I wear one anyway. I nearly passed out in front of the IT guy who was there to set up my equipment. Honestly, he showed more sympathy than anyone else at that time.

You see, they did not believe me nor care why I could not wear a mask. My boss was later heard to tell a co-worker that she felt I was not wearing one for some other reason (what reason, I can only imagine).

Time went by and nothing more happened because I, along with all of the department, was working from home and not in physical contact with any of them. There were no plans that we would ever meet in person again other than a possible future gathering that was not a guarantee nor on company property.

Then, in April of 2021, my supervisor made a decision that each of us would need to go onto company property ONE day per month to do work at that location. I expressed to my boss my concern regarding masks and she was little help but said I needed to tell my supervisor.

The long and the short of this is that even after offering four different solutions to this problem wherein I said I would take on additional work for others, I was told I must be able to wear a mask and I must go to the property the ONE day a month.

Per my supervisor, boss, and human resources, there was no other way! They literally would not allow me to stay at home where no mask was required and do additional work. Basically, the company was purging any employee that would not fully comply regardless of reasoning.

Going back in time a bit, the head guy at the company told every employee that they would never require employees to take the Covid shot. Over and over again, they said these words.

In approximately July of 2021, they went back on their word. Now thousands of people must get the shot regardless of what they want. The company states a religious or medical exemption is allowed but getting those is next to impossible and rarely hold much water for very long.

Regardless of a person’s belief in this shot, being forced to inject yourself with something you do not want feels very much like an abusive relationship.

Listening to news reports today feels like a slap on the face for many people. They chastise anyone without the shot saying they are to blame for hospitals being overrun.

Well, I would like to point out that the local hospital here has lost many employees due to their new policy and that has a great impact on the number of patients they can effectively help.

This is not the fault of the unvaccinated.

We have forgotten who is truly to blame for this and are now attacking the innocent individuals who were simply living their lives back in 2019. Working, playing, enjoying life.

Today I can’t go to the store without seeing someone truly scared to death as they drive alone in their car with the windows up and a mask on their face.

This post was originally seen on Alexandria (aleksandreia.com).

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Mass Psychosis – How a population becomes mentally ill

From the video: This video will aim to answer questions surrounding mass psychosis: What is it? How does is start? Has it happened before? Are we experiencing one right now? And if so, how can the stages of a mass psychosis be reversed?

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Coronavirus Best Defense Videos

Below is a video by Dr. Sten Ekberg speaking about the Coronavirus in May of 2020. He has several videos discussing Covid-19 and this first one discusses what individuals must do to beat the virus if they are infected but, more importantly, how to not get infected.

What do we need to do? Get and stay healthy!

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Gas Prices on August 16, 2021

This is a continued study in gas price changes after Joe Biden signed his Executive Order eliminating thousands of jobs. I am tracing the following states: California (West), Idaho (NW), Minnesota (N-mid), Pennsylvania (East), Florida (SE), Texas (S-mid).

Compare previous posts: First January Post, January, February, March, April, May, July

Information coming from AAA

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More Items to Consider

The following articles came to me via email and through other sources. Below is a listing of those links along with a brief clip from the articles. Check them out!

Articles: Biden & Baldwin praise Cuomo; Taliban kidnap women once liberated; July saw the most border crossings in 21 years

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New York City to Ban Un-vaccinated from Restaurants

There is an endless amount of issues with this and so much that can be said. It’s one of those things that makes the blood boil.

Once again, Democrats are pushing segregation on the American population.

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The CDC Steps on the Supreme Court’s Toes

This might seem like a no-brainer, but the CDC is not supposed to make our laws!

Rochelle Walensky, who was appointed by Biden to run the CDC in Atlanta, announced she is nationalizing the nation’s rental properties and tenants are no longer required to pay their rent and landlords cannot evict for any reason.

Obviously the landlord/property owners of the rentals will fight back!

They will still need to pay their mortgages to the bank which means they will be the ultimate sufferers of all the chaos. And most of them represent the middle class.

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Important Items to Consider

The following articles came to me via email and through other sources. Below is a listing of those links along with a brief clip from the articles. Check them out!

Articles: Biden finds way to force vaccines, Olympics & Transgender, Masking children, and the un-vaccinated are not all Trump supporters.

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Black Widow Failure = Disney Lawsuits

Actors are suing Disney and that makes me laugh! Ha!

The movie industry has ruined movies and actors believe we need them or look up to them. Perhaps decades ago when movies were made for the REAL MAN & WOMAN. Today movies are made for the benefit of actors, directors, producers, and companies like Disney.

In other words, none of it is actually created for the fans, which explains the low ratings of award shows. Why watch that crap if you don’t care to watch the movies.

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Equity Survey Used to Harm Children

The Equity Alliance of Minnesota told schools (and thus the teachers) to conduct a survey wherein the teachers told the students to keep quiet and not tell their parents about the questions. That is an incredible violation of trust and the fact the teachers were just “doing as they were told” does not forgive them the damage caused.  

Minnesota Fourth Graders Given “Equity Survey,” Told Not to Tell Parents

A class of fourth graders in Minnesota were given an equity survey about race and gender, but were allegedly told by a teacher not to tell their parents about the questions that they were asked even if they didn’t understand them

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