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New York City to Ban Un-vaccinated from Restaurants

There is an endless amount of issues with this and so much that can be said. It’s one of those things that makes the blood boil. Once again, Democrats are pushing segregation on the American population.

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Equity Survey Used to Harm Children

The Equity Alliance of Minnesota told schools (and thus the teachers) to conduct a survey wherein the teachers told the students to keep quiet and not tell their parents about the questions. That is an incredible violation of trust and … Continue reading

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Biden, Tear Down This Fence!

I was just thinking about this the other day wondering when the unsightly and unnecessary eye sore would be removed. What am I talking about, you ask? Remember the 8-foot, razor wire fence installed around the capitol to keep undesirables … Continue reading

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New Alexandria Post – Biden Blows

Joe Biden and his minions know exactly what they are doing with an end game of… destroy America to keep the serfs in their place while telling them just how lucky they are to be under the boot of elite … Continue reading

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Joe Biden Plans to Amplify the Chaos

Why is Jen Psaki concerned about this line of questioning? She was asked if the Biden administration plans to add more security to the border where kids are being dropped from the wall to the ground and then left there … Continue reading

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