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I have my own opinions on many subjects but I don’t often publicize them. I had a political blog for a few years… actually I still have it but I post to it very irregularly. The main reason is due to the fact political idiocy drives me mad, makes me angry, and then affects my mood with friends and family.

That being said, my feelings regarding immigration are getting stronger and stronger. It’s hard to watch videos of families fleeing for their lives and still say that our country needs to stop the waves of people entering. What’s harder, however, is worrying day after day if some of those people who are let in are actually terrorists and killers. To quote one of my favorite characters, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

What has happened to Europe is something that cannot happen here. We should not change our culture to appease the culture of those who enter our country, especially if they are fleeing that culture. If you are running away from something that is bad, you should leave it behind and not reincorporate it back into your life.

My fear, which I believe to be justifiable, is that those people entering our country who wish to continue with their culture will demand the right to continue certain traditions and even, in some cases, demand that we change our ways to become more like them. One of the biggest issues that I know of (and I cannot pretend to know them all) is the way they treat women. Being a woman, I find it an important issue. If those that oppress women are allowed to populate our society decide to impose those traditions on us, we will go backwards hundreds of years. That says a lot because, although the true feminist movement was not hundreds of years ago, treating women the way ‘they’ treat women is not something that has been found in America… at least not openly.

At some point in history, saying you were a feminist meant you were striving for equal rights for women… a noble cause. Now it seems that saying you’re a feminist means that you’re angry, especially at men. It’s no longer a matter of equality but a matter of demolishing the enemy, which is apparently every human man. It’s astonishing to me that anyone who calls themselves a feminist can back any society that allows female genital mutilation. Where is their outrage? Perhaps it’s happening and I’m just not reading the right news articles? Funny how certain organizations become silent when they should be screaming. It’s not just this situation, it’s not just about immigration, feminism, equal rights, minorities, sexuality, etc. It’s about power.

This leads naturally into the fact that certain groups who have their own set of rules can quickly break them if power is threatened… perhaps my next post. 😉

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