Do Democrats Want a Civil War?

Based on the violence throughout 2020 when Democrats said nothing to discourage it but instead actively encouraged it, coupled with the accusations they toss around like salad, it is becoming more and more ‘in your face’ that they want America at war within it’s own borders. Such a war would give them even more power because the government would enact more restrictions upon citizens and destroy the Constitution at the same time.

At this moment, there is a fence around the capitol and other government buildings with the intention of them being permanent (while border wall construction has stopped). What does this mean? It causes fear and creates more division. They are actively telling their voters that the congressional members are in danger from other voters with no proof provided (and based on what I’ve read on Twitter, people believe them). It is still not proven that what happened at the capitol was the fault of Trump let alone that all who did it were Trump voters. They are actively investigating the fact it was a planned attack far in advance of that day. The question not answered yet is by whom (although there is proof Antifa was also there).

Democrats are pushing as quickly and as fiercely as possible the narrative that they are victims and only trying to help American citizens while also destroying Republicans and attempting to have them thrown out so that there is no representation for those who voted for them.

This is a coup! This is a full assault on the American people to force restrictions we can’t even fathom and who is going to benefit? The Democrats and CHINA.

Nancy Pelosi makes accusations against Republican House members claiming they are the enemy within and that they have made violent threats against Democrats.


AOC claims Ted Cruz tried to have her killed. Ted Cruz should consider a lawsuit for liable.

Additional members making comments to create fear…

Dan Kildee D-Michigan says he is having a hard time interacting with members and that he looks at them differently.

Pramila Jayapal D-Washington says there is tension and that there is a massive chasm between a large majority of republicans and ALL OF US Democrats.

Additional info found in this video but all of the information above can be found on various sites and throughout news broadcasts and other news sources.

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