Covid-19 Relief Bill

Biden is meeting with 10 Republican senators to discuss a possible agreement between his $1.9 trillion relief package and their $618 billion package. Statistics found here.

During an interview on 2/1/2021, Tim Scott R North Carolina stated he, and 39 other Senators were not invited to the meeting with Joe Biden to discuss covid relief. Tim’s thought on the stimulus package is that we should spend the money already put forth in the December package.

During the fiscal year 2020, the country spent $6.5 trillion with $4 trillion on Covid Relief. In December of 2020, they approved another $900 billion and less than 20% of those dollars have been spent.

His question is “what’s the hurry”?

They don’t even know what happened to the $900 billion and Tim believes they need to take a step back and determine how to effectively manage the virus. He even said that we may already “be there” but can’t possibly know because they have yet to spend the resources already deployed. He feels it’s too early to negotiate a larger package when the other has not been spent.

Stop the presses! Spend what was already approved? That’s a unique and genuinely responsible and logical statement and it’s hard to know what to do with it.

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UPDATE 2/2/2021

And of course, Biden rejected the Republican’s bill. So… I guess Americans will be paying off this bill and all of the trillions of dollars already unnecessarily spent for… say… 300 years; give or take a hundred.

The very sad and infuriating thing about this bill, and past bills, is that it gives more money to those NOT in need rather than to the average American who will get about $1000-2000 for what, I’m not sure.

Millions of people are unemployed and $1000-2000 will do nothing. Of course, part of what the Democrats want to do is pay people small amounts of money every month to keep them voting for Dems. Their other objective is to keep the people, the voters, ‘in their place’ because certainly they don’t want the middle class to come anywhere close to their level. Keeping people poor seems to be their goal.

Millions and millions of dollars went to large businesses in 2020 that was meant for small businesses and now, apparently, we are going to do it all over again and politicians have lined the newest bill with enormous FUN STUFF Democrats want for their pet projects.

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