Biden’s Syria Air Strike, 5 Weeks In

Joe Biden orders air strike on Syria to send a message to Iran. Below is my commentary on the video put out by Fox News.

Joe Biden told reporters… “You can’t act with impunity; be careful.”

Jen Psaki

The president is sending an unambiguous message that he’s going to act to protect Americans. And when threats are posed, he has the right to take an action at the time and in the manner of his choosing.

Really? So the president can do whatever he wants and in whateverway he wants? It’s an interesting argument considering how often and to what degree the Democrats pushed the narrative that this was not true when Trump was in office.

Biden himself has said that force should be a tool of last resort, not first. So was this the last resort? Per the Democrat response, it doesn’t appear they even knew this was happening.

Tim Kaine (D)

“Offensive military action without congressional approval is not constitutional absent extraordinary circumstances. Congress must be fully briefed on this matter expeditiously.”.

Let’s go back in time to 2017 when air strikes were ordered under the Trump administration.

Jen Psaki then…

“Also what is the legal authority for strike? Assad is a brutal dictator. But Syria is a sovereign country.”

Jen Psaki now…

“2017 was an attack on Syrian military installations in response to a chemical weapons attack. Last night was a strike on militant groups in defense of U.S. personnel under attack in Iraq. There’s a massive difference in both policy and law.”

In the meantime, Syria is condemning the attacks and the US military is on high alert in the area for fear of retaliation. Well, duh! But was this necessary? We may never know because it’s often made to sound ‘necessary’ by the media depending on who is sitting in the White House.

I won’t pretend to know whether this was a justifiable strike or not. My commentary is how the media reacts to Biden vs Trump. Sometimes it’s just very, very silent and that tells us that they are unsure themselves but also know it doesn’t look good.

Also, in this video, is a little discussion of the minimum wage.

The House is allowed to pass a Covid-19 relief bill with a $15 minimum wage attached but the Senate is not per the Parliamentarian. Some are pushing VP Harris to overrule this decision but, per this video, that won’t happen. It’s interesting the amount of things politicians push as their top agenda items but then shrug them off when they don’t happen. There is so much data against a $15 minimum wage and they know it!

Of course, none of this means they won’t succeed in some other fashion. The fact is, the Covid-19 relief bill has not a damn thing to do with the minimum wage or many of the other items they’ve hidden away in the pages and pages of something none of us will ever get to read or have the time to devote.

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  1. Michael says:

    I would say the COVID relief bill had not a Damn thing to do with COVID

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