So, Sayeth Coca-Cola and Many Others

Try to Be Less White And Coca-Cola Confirms it’s true

It is so outrageous what is happening in the United States of America where every citizen is equally free under the laws of this great nation. The fact so many want to make future white babies come out of the womb feeling like assholes, is a sure sign of what the Democrats and the Left truly want.

They want everyone who is white and does not kneel to the will of those who are not white, to feel the wrath of those who are not alive today.

But that’s not entirely true, is it?

They don’t really care if those now dead hundreds of years ago want this or not. People alive today DO want it. They want to take over, they want to rule anyone they possibly can, and they want to rule them right now through guilt.

And, for future generations, they are creating guilt where none should be. White children are being taught they are evil because of their skin color while darker skinned children are being taught they are actively oppressed regardless of how successful they become as adults.

All of this is to keep everyone divided in as many ways as possible. It will lead to the ultimate destruction of our country because freedom cannot be sustained if some people believe it’s their right to harm other people; and that is what is being taught.

Ironically, it’s a very few individuals and groups who have succeeded at causing this great harm to our country. You can never really tell who is pushing the button, can you? You can never really tell who starts what rumor or who it is that pointed the first finger. It’s all to cause and keep confusion and worry at the forefront.

The funny thing, although not funny at all, is that someday people will stop allowing themselves to be beaten into submission through the act of being told they are bad because they are white. When that day comes, those seeking division will come up with something else that makes people cringe and give in.

I say it’s time for all Americans to be okay with who they are and with who others are and live their damn lives!

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2 Responses to So, Sayeth Coca-Cola and Many Others

  1. Deb says:

    I took a class this weekend that sort of reiterates that whole point. I had a gentleman in one of my breakout groups that was ashamed because he was white German. Simply because of what the Germans did how many hundreds of years ago but he was still ashamed to admit he was German. This is what is happening with the Caucasian European races – they are being taught to be ashamed of who they are even if they had nothing to do with all the repression that happened years and hundreds of years ago. It’s frustrating, but I refuse to be ashamed of who I am.

    • Just Jill says:

      Wow, that’s so frustrating and ridiculous. I am currently writing a post which is taking a while to compose because there is so much to say. The sad thing is that I could wrap it up with one sentence; do not feel guilty for things you did not do.

      Fighting against the school teachings is difficult and the further along we get, the more people are willing to allow schools to teach more and more radical things. The reason is that they were taught radical things for their moment in time and they just keep getting more radical. There are certain things people born in the early 1900s would not have tolerated that for some reason seem normal and okay to push on kids today.

      Teaching children they are bad because of what their ancestors did or because of the color of their skin, if flat out wrong and the fact we have to say that out loud is amazing to me.

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