Vaccines – Truths, Half-Truths, Flat-Out-Lies

Ever since it became clear that Biden was going to take office, I have been wondering just how long it would take before one of the following would occurred…

  1. The Democrats denounce the covid-19 vaccine because it either does not work, too many people are harmed because of it, people actually die from it, or it works for a period of time, but people then become re-infected.
  2. The Democrats take credit for the vaccine because it does work, more people are saved because of it, and it works long term.
  3. Or, if the vaccine works, the Democrats claim the vaccine was not created or not available until sometime AFTER Biden took office or, in other words, after 1/21/2021.

Biden mentioned within hours of his presidency that 50+ million doses of the vaccine were available which means they existed before that point. Then, his press secretary blamed the Trump administration for the fact the Biden administration could not distribute the vaccine even though it was being distributed before Biden took office.

Then, more recently in February 2021, he said the following…

It’s one thing about the vaccine – which we didn’t have when we came into office – but a vaccinator, how do you get the vaccine into someone’s arm? You need the needle, you need the mechanisms to be able to get it in. Now, we have made significant strides increasing the number of vaccinators.

Really? That’s interesting considering he received his first AND second shot BEFORE he took office.

First shot – one of many links to the shot given to him on 12/22/2020

Second Shot – one of many links to the shot given to him on 1/11/2021

I understand he is considered the King of Gaffe but… the president of the United States does not have the luxury of making gaffe after gaffe after gaffe the way Biden did when he was VP under Obama and many other times in his life.

Quite frankly, he either says these things because he truly believes them or because he IS losing his mind. Either way, it’s not good for the country. It’s ridiculous the amount of times he gets away with saying multiple, contradictory things without the media saying “hey, dude, you said the opposite thing yesterday… what’s up with that?”

Oh, sorry… I forgot that the media has forgotten how to research and report the news despite their own personal beliefs or desires. My bad.


More proof politicians lie all the time.

“Centralized distribution is being managed by the CDC through an existing contract… to deliver vaccines and supply kits… We continue the mission to accelerate the development, manufacturing and delivery of safe and effective vaccines and therapeutics, and Gen. Perna continues in his role overseeing this effort,” Perna’s spokeswoman Laura Ochoa told Newsy.

So, Joe Biden, who said he wants to unify the country, rather than give President Trump the credit he deserves, is actually trying to take credit for the vaccine and a distribution plan he has nothing to do with.

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