Coup D’Etat 1898 & 2020

The following video is an interesting bit of history that oddly seems to line up with what is happening today. It’s not an exact repeat of history but it shows just what politicians are willing to do in order to gain and keep power. They will hurt anyone and everyone who gets in their way and are indeed the ones keeping racism and hatred alive. They did it then, they are doing it now.

After Black voters helped elevate Black politicians to power in US politics, tensions over race started to flare up. Black men were called various disrespectful terms, and messages were put out in the media that stoked fear and guilt. In 1898, white citizens seized control of the government in North Carolina, and initiated the only successful American coup, by overthrowing the elected government in Wilmington, NC.

In those days, the Democratic party openly promoted laws that benefited white citizens and wanted to take control and keep it. After the insurrection, the Democrats in power passed poll taxes and literacy tests to disenfranchise Black voters further.

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