Cancel the Blacklists, Bring Back Carano

It’s okay for the leading man,
it’s okay for the righteous fan,
it’s okay for the Dems but oh,
it’s not okay for Carano.  
~Just Jill~

Article: Gina Carano is Canceled by the Dark Side of Double Standards

What did Pedro Pascal do?

Trivializing the Holocaust is fine as long as you’re doing so in the course of attacking anybody on the right, and we know this because the lead actor on “The Mandalorian” did so. In June 2018, Pedro Pascal sent out a tweet suggesting two things were alike: One image, captioned “Germany, 1944,” depicted Jews behind barbed wire. The second, captioned “America, 2018,” was meant to suggest young accused illegal immigrants behind bars in America. (Actually, it was a 2010 picture of Palestinian kids awaiting meals at a soup kitchen.)

What did Gina Carano do?

On Instagram, Carano made a point about conservatives being disfavored: “most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”

Do you see the difference?

Pedro compared Jews behind barbed wire in 1944 Germany to illegal immigrants waiting behind bars in 2018 America… which was actually Palestinian kids waiting for meals in 2010 while not in America.

Gina spoke of the Nazi government convincing the average German citizen to turn in their Jewish neighbors out of hatred and compared that to our political nightmare of a society today wherein conservatives are banned or blacklisted due to their beliefs.

Obviously, what she did was so much worse than Pascal because she dared to compare two real and identical things while he simply lied or, worse yet, didn’t actually read what he re-posted. The response from Disney only proves that conservatives are a target for liberal elitists and any actor who speak her mind is destined for blacklisting.

I, like thousands of others, canceled Disney Plus. Yes, I was subscribed and yes, I did consider cancelling it prior to this event due to Disney’s outrageous past. I truly enjoyed the Mandalorian and honestly, was looking forward to the other programming coming out due to that show’s success.

That is until they cancelled someone I really enjoyed. A strong woman with great success and an ability to take care of herself. You see, her character dealt with huge life obstacles and didn’t take any crap from anyone. She was tough, she was independent, and she was someone young girls could look up to as self-reliant.

So, what did Disney do? Canceled her ass!

Disney just told the world that having a mind of your own is not appropriate and they will have nothing to with treating people with respect and allowing them to have their own identity. They erased the character by erasing Gina.

Now, I literally have no interest in this show or any that comes out because of it. The only thing Disney can do to get me back is apologize to Gina and beg her to return to the show. That’s it.

While working my way through some of my favorite channels today, I found this by the Critical Drinker.

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