Briefings and Statements

Start with this link to the White House Briefing Room. Here you will find the actual executive orders, proclamations, talking points, and more. To visit the Trump archives, click here.

Biden signed 17 executive orders and directive on the FIRST DAY of his presidency. Too many for me to review and fully theorize the affects to come.

  • Orders so far…
    • Day one = 17 executive orders and directives
    • Day two = 9 more orders or directives
    • Day three = 7 more
    • Day six = 3 more

Article from MSN – list of executive orders, etc
Article from The Hill – list of executive orders, etc.
From NBC – Biden reinstates Covid travel restrictions Trump rescinded, imposes new ban on South Africa

Here is an archive of Trump executive orders. There were 69 total in his four years. It will be interesting to see just how many Biden implements during his presidency.

By the way, Trump signed ONE executive order on his first day in office.

The link to the Federal Register which I have on my Statistic Page, mentions that Biden has 9 executive orders so far. I am not positive why but my assumption is that some orders have not been implemented. If someone know, please comment below. Thanks!

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